Hike 8

It was a beautiful almost Spring day. 45 degrees or so when I started.  I still have trouble with what clothes to wear. I need more proper layers. I bought a new day pack when I got home.  The one I have is a “sling” type. It flies ever direction I turn. Annoying. I wore a second hand pair of running shoes I bought the day before for $6. Sacony. They actually were great but I am still a boot person I think.  Wet, mud, and the occasional loose rocks  and toe bumps, had me thinking, “I wish I had my boots on.” We’ll see. Why does it take so long to be comfortable doing things? I need everything too right.

Heading up (South) on the AT from the town of Delaware Water Gap. Very green at the start. Lush rhododendron on both sides of the trail. The hike is not nearly as challenging as the Tammany Trail (NJ). This hike to Mount Minsi (PA) is more gradual but a bit longer. I was in in just over an hour, stopping for air and photos.


Had my head down…


Such a great view from the top!  Over there I was last week.

Coming down the fire road is much quicker.  Very boring and the footing is still difficult because of the heavy rain wash outs. Next time I’m coming down the way I went up!

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