Went over to Stover Park today to just loosen my legs. Hiked about 4 and 1/2 miles at around 19 minutes per mile. So my app says. Too fast I went! I just took the yellow out and back. My right calf is tweeked a little. I need a couple days rest.

I watched “A Walk in the Woods” last night! REALLY enjoyed it, start to finish. Great scene with the whiskey. Felt real to me. Nick Nolte has some demons, I think.

Mall walking tomorrow with Landi. King of Prussia. Looking forward to spending some time with my girl. 🙂

4 thoughts on “12

  1. If not yet, then read Pat Schneider’s “How the Light Gets In: Writing as a Spiritual Practice.
    The excerpt that caught my eye/ear today:

    Sometimes writing sits in you
    like a wild animal. Maybe
    you see its eyes.
    Maybe you don’t see it at all,
    but the hair on the back of your neck
    knows it is there
    where the deepest shadows lie.
    Often the shadows lie
    about what’s hiding in them.
    The panther that has stalked you
    since you were a child
    is old now. No longer wild,
    and tired of guarding the treasure
    you yourself left behind –
    blind and deaf, she will give it all to you
    if you just let her go.
    But how are you to know
    whether the fox on the hill
    in the cemetery carries your mother’s name
    or is the same fox you saw
    crossing your back yard in the snow
    unless you put your pen to paper
    and use it to release the animal
    that hides in the shadow of you hand?


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