Got some news yesterday. I’ll need some work on my thyroid. Biopsy, surgery, etc. Regardless of results, I will be OK. It’s just a matter of how annoying it will all be.

I was just researching as to which points of the AT are the highest. Looks like I will be in the Great Smokey Mountains. 🙂

2 thoughts on “12+

  1. Any goal that includes only doing Katahdin, Mt. Washington, and Clingman’s Dome is not my cup of tea, lol. It’s like skipping the dessert and going only for the spinach. (Although Clingman’s Dome itself isn’t that bad; it’s a manmade ramp up to an observation tower.)

    Here’s an AT hike for you: Grayson Highlands, in Virginia. Gorgeous (like Wuthering Heights gorgeous), enough rock scrambles to be entertaining, and hundreds of wild ponies who will come up to you. And then if you want extra pain, you can continue to Mt. Rogers. 🙂

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