I miss the trail.

So I tell my friend, the real hiker, of my mishap yesterday. Seems like a week ago now. She informs me that she would put maybe 5 or 10 lbs in her pack to begin training. NOT 26. I even put a hammer in to get more weight! Coupled with the fact that I am 65 not 16 , and bingo, injury waiting to happen. My friend Rob said I should tattoo on my hand “YOU ARE 65.” What would I do when I turn 66?

Insight number one this morning. When I am upset about something serious, I don’t talk about it. I get really scared inside and it comes out sideways. Usually with hyperactivity. If I’m exhausted how can I be afraid?

This biopsy has me. I began collecting information today. I needed some, I have been in avoidance. Turns out that more than a 4cm growth (mine is 5.3cm)  on a thyroid in a man carries a 20% chance of Cancer. 20%. one in five. 1 in 5. Still, 4 in 5 don’t have it, right?

I’m trying to grow old with some Grace here. Stop throwing these things in my path, please. This is directed to the Universe. Not that I believe that the Universe does this stuff. There is no plan for me. Everything does not happen for a “reason.” It happens. I deal with it. I am so fine with that. How did I get on this subject?

My leg hurts.

I’m using a cane, like House. I always thought I would be cooler with a cane. I am but my leg hurts.

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