Would you like the good news or the bad news? Bad you say? Nope. Good first. My Columbus Denali 64L backpack is AWESOME! With the help of the EMS and REI YouTube videos, I managed to figure out all the straps, size my pack, and fit it beautifully!

So I packed it full of “stuff.” Books, jackets, sweatshirts, a hammer and a few other odd things and sinched it all up. I put my ground pad on top and set it by the front door. Tomorrow I would try it out on a the local Nockamixon Trail to see what it is like hiking with about 25 lbs on my back.

I drove up, parked, and put my pack on just like they showed me. It was about 35 degrees F. I started my workout app and off I went. I was filled with adrenaline. Excited because I was realizing that I could do this. My hiking limit was the sky. I got about 1/4 mile out, went down a bank to cross a small creek, and as I was pushing off on my right foot to climb up the other side, a severe pain shot into the top of my gastrocnemius. It was like electricity. Like a small lightening bolt just below the back of my knee.

Shit. That tweek I got last week was not bothering me. Maybe because I was so excited or I just wasn’t paying attention and I was going way too fast to soon into the hike.

I stopped immediately. I may be clueless sometimes but I know when I am hurt and when the pain is just soreness or fatigue. I was hurt. I limped back to the car keeping all my weight off my right toe.

I’m home watching Basketball and Golf. There is a package of frozen peas under my propped up leg. Ice. 20 on 20 off. On my fourth cycle at the moment. It is getting sorer. Not good. The second day is usually worse.

Well, I just take it easy for a while. My Marmot tent is coming and I will start treating that and other items with tick repellant. Really, this is a small disappointment in the Grand Scheme. Imagine if I had started my first overnight trip and this happened. Life is good.

One week until my biopsy. Perspective.

2 thoughts on “13

  1. “gastrocnemius” well I had to look that one up. Did you know that or did you have to look it up , too?
    So sorry you got hurt. Do hope you have a method for check ins so that the medics know where to find you. 😉

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