I can’t hike for a while. It’s my Gastrocnemius not my Soleus. There is a simple test I did that isolated the injured muscle. I’m not sure if this is worse or better.  Better I think.

What’s most important is that I rest it. Rest. Not one of my traits. I will do cardio at the gym and stretch and ice my calf. I will do this right. This is day three.  I’m still limping…

T-minus 5 days until the first biopsy of my thyroid. I’m ok, my poor wife is freaked.  She is going to Cape Town on the 19th, regardless. They may not find the cancer with this needle biopsy.  If they do I don’t know what she will do.  I will be ok. She probably won’t go. I never want time to go fast anymore. This is a recent thing. The end of my life has snuck up on me. I wasn’t paying attention, really. Just living.

It was 19 years ago when I got sober.  For a few years I was high with a new lease on life. I don’t think it’s possible for our species to stay at that level or gratitude  for an extended period of time.  I go to AA nearly daily. It sparks that old fire and then life pushes it’s way to the forefront. So I go back to AA and wait for the next charge. A newcomer can do it. An honest share. A hug. It is a wonderful thing to have a support group like my 0715. Everything is better because of those people in that room.  Everything.


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