Pecks Pond


Sitting out back at our family’s cabin in the Poconos. Here’s my favourite place to lick my wounds. No phone. No TV. Odd that in this quiet I think less. No distractions necessary. If I’m running from anything, the run stops here. How cool is that.
I’ve got pork chops to cook outside tonight on the fire. For me, food is better cooked outside. I lose my hunger inside. It intensifies outside. I wonder if it’d primal. My lizard brain waking up. I hope so.
This place will be my base camp for lots of hikes. The AT is 30 min away and numerous other trails to explore.

I’ve been coming here all my life. My grandfather built it in 1929. I was a 3rd generation caretaker here. Now the fourth has taken over. So cool. Pop Pop would be very happy.

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