My homemade footprint. $14. Marmot footprint for my Marmot tent? $60.

A small victory for me in the battle to be average. I want to be a garden variety, 65 year old hiker. I want to smell the roses. Take in the sights. Enjoy the journey. Stop when I want and start again when I feel like it.

I want to always have enough food and water. I don’t want wet feet, frostbite, or heat stroke.

I watch YouTube videos of hikers just escaping death. Finally finding water. Starving at bedtime.

Not me. I’m trying out my tent inside our cabin in the Poconos in front of the woodstove. I will only be “roughing it” on purpose, not by accident.

I have a pretty good tent, sleeping bag, ground pad, backpack, pair of boots, pair of poles, headlamp and a great attitude.

I haven’t broken the bank. I’ve resisted the advice of many; to buy the lightest and best.  Listened to the few hikers I know who are experienced and sensible.

Hence: The Homemade Footprint.

P.S.  Biopsy hurt. Results next week.
P.P.S.  One of my good friends “went out.” He was offered some heroin and took it then ordered $100 more. He was clean 11 months. Now he is struggling to get back in the rooms. May The Force Be With Him.

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