I want a Trail Name!


Why didn’t I think of it before. “Skeet!” My dad always called me “Skeet.” Let me see if I can remember why… maybe I’ll ask my brother. Yoda was suggested but there must be a million Yodas out there. I can’t call myself Yoda. That’s like Jesus to me.  I’ve been called: Erle, Magic, Iceman, Doogle, MacDoogle, Skeet, Tiger, Kahuna, Lance, Kelly, Brother Erle, Slewfoot… Aunt Kit, my unconditional loving aunt always called me MacDoogle. She died early maybe due to alcoholism. Maybe I will honor her. How about “Kit?” Kit can me a man’s name, can’t it? I’m going to sleep on this. How about “Skit?” Skeet and Kit.

It will come to me. Maybe “65.”

I will sleep on it.  👣

7 thoughts on “I want a Trail Name!

  1. It’s all good! When you’re out there, in the world where trail names feel real and normal, the trail will name you. Or other hikers will. And if they name you something like… oh… Ass Trumpet, you can graciously decline. =D

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