Finally, I’m back in the woods! Just an easy two miles but no pain! My right calf is healing. I will continue to take it easy. Reinjuring it would be disastrous.

I used 2 trekking poles for the first time. Wow. Much less stress on my lower half and even some upper body work. It was a little like X-Country skiing with no glide.  Actually, exactly like going uphill on skis. That’s why it felt familiar!

Ugh. Had my pre-op exam today; blood work, chest xray, and EKG. Weird tech was trying hard to make me feel comfortable when I didn’t need it. He was speaking at me like I was 5 or 85. I guess this is my future now. It turns me into a cynic instantly when I’m talked down to. Ever read Rabbit at Rest? Updike. I will be like John Rabbit, cranky, if I get treated like this. I really am beginning to sense this different attitude I am getting now. Medicare doesn’t mean senile please you all.

Just another phase to pass through.

I visited Stan Wilson today. My VB captain’s dad. Chip said he was ready. I agree. Content. 85. He said to me that he’s had a great life and thanked me for visiting an “old guy” like him.

It was such a pleasure.

One thought on “Finally.

  1. The trail crosses the “crick”?
    And if anyone in the medical community talks to you like that, stop them for a moment and say, “Do you talk to your friends and family this way?” If he looks at you like you have two heads, not a thing you can do about it. Otherwise, I think the conversation will improve.
    Of course, all bets are off if you are behaving like a big baby. 😛

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