Half Gone


See that patch?  That is where half my thyroid used to be! Sore and relieved I am.  I can eat soft food this morning.

I was pretty nervous going into the surgery.  I think it was because it was my neck. A knife to other parts of my body wold have been easier.  The words “cut” and “throat” are bad in arranged in any configuration. Cut throat. Throat cut. Bad stuff id going to happen.

Anyway, good stuff happened. Op went well. Doc thinks it’s not malignant. (We’ll wait for the tests on that one) I can eat soft food. Soft baked cookies.  Ice Cream. Jello pudding.  Cheesecake.  All of life’s staples.

I taking painkillers.  My brother is watching me.  I’m not to be trusted, ever, with mood altering chemicals. I’ll be 20 years sober in June, Doug willing.  Don’t want to mess that up.

We’ll see if my body works with half a thyroid.  Hope so.

Half gone means half there.

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