Thats me.  Months ago.  Before all the thyroid stuff.  Today the surgeon threw me a curve.  By the way, I am not feeling well.  Tired.  Depressed a little.  Not myself.

So, back to the curve.  My surgeon said unless I would worry about whether there is more cancer in the other side, (half is gone already) we could wait a year and ultrasound to see if there is any change.  I would start on drug therapy to keep the levels of the substance that feeds the cancer low,  so if cancer is present it would grow more slowly.

So I had to decide if I could deal with the not knowing.  At first I said I could but when I was in the parking lot calling my wife, I decided that I wanted it all out.  No thinking about it or waiting to see what happens.  This is one of those cancer treatments that doctors differ in their opinion.  My Uncle Leon, a top notch surgeon in South Africa, spoke to the most respected thyroid specialist in Cape Town and he said total removal is the way to go.  So, I marched back into the doctor and changed my mind.  I am happy with this decision.  My wife is happy with this decision.  My brother supports me no matter what.  He’s a great guy. I am grateful that Uncle Leon is in my life.

I will see the Endocrinologist and we will discuss the surgery again and decide as to whether to have the radioactive iodine therapy after.  If there are any thyroid cancer cells present in the area, this would kill them.  I will see what he says and make a decision.

I have never had to make a surgical choice before. I always left my health in the hands of the doctor.  I don’t think my surgeon would have done this.  He would be ok waiting and checking.  Not me.  This is very empowering, making a personal health choice like this.  Deciding on the course of treatment for the cancer in MY body.

I will sleep well tonight.   🙂


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