Thank you “Outi!” For a very long time I have been under the misconception that Mohonk is in the Catskills. It’s in the “Gunks.” The Shawangunk Mountains.  I’m not sure how this started in my brain. Maybe I looked at a large map and generalized too much. I suppose it’s like me calling The Poconos, The Appalachians.  Sounds pretty silly when say that in my head. At any rate, thank you Outi for keeping me from embarrassing myself any more.

Wednesday I will be back and it won’t be in the Catskills, it will be the Gunks.

P.S.  A little more research has changed my thinking again.  The Poconos, The Shanangunks, and the Catskills are all in the northern section of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

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