Down Day


Sometimes the best thing for nurturing the Light Within is doing absolutely nothing. I’m a member of a fellowship who’s advice, when feeling down, is to reach out and help someone else. It works to get one out of oneself and turns the focus of your thoughts to another.  The sometimes problem with that is caring for yourself, healing yourself, gives you the energy it takes to really give yourself to someone else.

Lesson over.

I needed some time for myself. Water and sun heal me. Exercise too. I don’t feel well. I’m in a rut. Putting too much off until “tomorrow.”

Remedy…photo above. How perfect is that spot. Just me and a cute little frog, who I kept scaring away only to have him return to the exact same spot.  You see, I was on his turf. He was so proud. Frog proud. When I startled him he disappeared!  Then, after some time, he was right back in the same exact place! I was not interrupting his designated piece of the food chain.

When I am still, in Nature, something special always happens. Is it that the event is special or do my eyes become more sensitive to the real beauty in the Natural World? No matter; it always happens. A bird. An insect. A leaf. Today, a frog. Magic.

This was my view from the chair.


Real peace. Life cells charged. Back to being the better version of me.  🙂

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