2 x 10k



I wanted to identify with my friend Karma, but I knew I couldn’t do 17 miles a day. So. I did back to back 10Ks.

Peace Valley Park.

It may not sound like much, actually, to me it doesn’t sound like much anymore, (thank you hikers) but I have never done that much distance back to back. I guess I’m in better shape than I thought. It used to be too painful, because of my back issues, to do that much road walking. The repetitive movement in my hips threw everything off. Pain down my leg. Numbness in my foot. Pain in my thorasic spine.  Yeserday it was just hints of pain in all the areas where it used to get unbearable.  Cool.

I don’t feel like writing today.  I don’t feel like doing anything today.  I haven’t even wanted to spend money for a while now.  I hope that lasts.  It feels good; adult like.  I love semicolons now.

I am losing weight, finally.  Charting what I eat and staying under a certain calorie count.  I wish this wasn’t necessary but it is.  I have bad eating instincts.  We grew up in a family that just ate whatever.  As a young athlete I ate anything in any quantity and basically maintained an acceptable weight.  Growing up is hard for me.

I would like to post the turtle photo…

Cute, eh?

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