Reiglesville to Easton

Not feeling much like writing today but I will anyway.  Here’s my car and bike.  I just like looking at them both. Little things make me happy.

This was a first for me.  A water crossing! It was about 4″ deep which was enough to make me feel unstable.  Falling would have been messy for sure.  I made it across and back.  Oh yeah, there was a guy on the other side when I arrived with a small child in a trailer.  I figured if he and the kid made  it I could.  I may have turned around…

Great Blue Heron…

Easton is filled with old industrial structures.  I love them all.

Especially the bridges.  This was the Lehigh River canal headed west toward Bethlehem.  The two canals meet here in Easton.  I will ride this one soon all the way to Allentown…

I love and appreciate every acre of our state and national parks.  Thank you.

The Lehigh River entering the Delaware River.

Much of the towpath was single track like this. Beautiful and peaceful.  I will ride it all.


There will never again be construction like this.

This photo just makes me want to ride.  Ride and camp.  Maybe I can get my kids to join me.  Jennie maybe.  Marta… prob not.

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