Sunday Night

Box Turtle. Tortoise. Tortoise is a land critter I thought. Turtle a water guy. So why Box Turtle? 

This has nothing to do with what I’m writing. Just liked the picture. This blog is going in a different direction today. More like a diary. There are only a couple of people I know who look at this and they are friends so I’m not worried about writing whatever.  Besides,  this who thing is for my kids to read, keep, or chuck. Good word that…chuck. 

This morning And most of today have been flat lined. It must be the Synthroid. I am feeling physically and mentally different.   Not bad but not good. Different.

I really need the heat to let up and for me to get into the ocean.  I need salt water. It has been way too long. Y and I are going to Barnegat on Tuesday for two nights.  I’m taking my fishing stuff and two boards.I’m pretty sure that I can only surf now when the conditions are just right. Small waves, low tide, no crowd. Oh yeah, I need to drop some weight.  This me I can’t deal with any more. I am going  to be skinny me again. I feel so much better thin. 

I had a football coach tell me I had hips like a girl as I was weighing in the first day of practice my junior year in HS. It killed me. I was 15 years old. I remember exactly how that felt. It changed me. That man changed my life. I began worrying about food. I lost a bunch of weight that year. I have played with the same 30 lbs for 50 years. That’s a very long time to be concerned about food.

I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member. At my goal weight,  about 30 pounds less than now, I can go to meetings for free at that weight. Great. I may never be that weight again. 

This is weird stuff for a man I think. At least for a man to talk about. Enough of this. Sunday evening. 

Sunday evening us my favourite time of the week. Good TV. No work tomorrow.  AA without the weekend people. I like my during the week friends at the 0715 meeting. Mostly it’s the no work thing.  No work. Maybe me never work again.

I am excited to play golf with an old friend and two crusty AA brothers.  

That’s  it. I’m done. I feel better. I will be in the salt water soon.  🙂  And golfing.

I just looked up tortoise. It’s a type of turtle!  Turtles can be land or water. Box Turtle is correct. 

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