Too Much Fiber in Mohonk Preserve!

I got back yesterday from an overnight hike and camp in the Mohonk Preserve. I’ll get to my lower GI distress later. Let me load the photos…

Yes.  Messy.  I never pack like this.  I didn’t pack.  I threw it all in and drove! I’ll explain later.

When I arrived, I first went for a skinny dip! There are so few places where you can do this.  It is more exciting when you’re not allowed but I’m too old for a jail term or even just my name in the police log in the paper!

This is the start of the Under Cliff / Over Cliff carriage road.  About a 5 mile beautiful loop.

Lots of climbers today…

and cyclists.

It’s a steep drop down on the East side of the loop. Amazing rock formations.  I imagine the force it took to create this majestic area.

This is where my trouble began.  All I was eating were Fiber One bars.  Why I bough thm I will never know! I began rumbling in the abdomen. I had to go off in the woods twice!

Still in trouble in my lower GI, I managed some pictures.  On the West side all the rock is sloped upward.  A huge section pushed up to create the cliffs on the other side.  So cool.

Amazing views to the Northwest.  Catskills maybe?

Sometimes a little tree needs it’s picture taken.

You cab see the angling of the rock as I am turning back to the East.  Up it went millions of years ago.

The circle complete.  Stomach still bad!

Figured I would set up camp and have a shower and see how I felt.

“Park Bears are really smart!”  he says. “They look in car windows for coolers.  Don’t have any food near or in your tent or you will have a good story to tell when you get home.”  Great.

Always a bad sign!

This is where I spent the hour after I tried to keep dinner inside me with no success. Fiber overdose. Really. Thsi is a very bad thing.

I’m trying to enjoy.

Back to the latreen!

This is how I will remember my trip.  It was really beautiful there as always.  The Mohonk Preserve is one of my favourite places.

I threw everything into the car and went back to the cabin at Pecks Pond.  The bathroom there is right down the hall. I’ll go back again…with no Fiber One Bars.  🙂

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