Eckville to The Pinnacle.  11 miles.                                  

This hike was different today from all the others.  It was meant to be just a training day in preparation for my first attempt at 20. Karma invited me.

Karma is a hiker.  An expert hiker and very good friend. I feel honored that she asked me.  Karma has Thru-Hiked the Appalachian Trail. She has done 800 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail. Karma is an expert hiker. I am a novice. Like I said,  honored about being asked.  I hope I can keep up.

Anyway,  what I want to say here is that the Trail came to life today. I didn’t follow the blazes… They pulled me up the mountain and across the ridge.  Something changed for me out there today.

When I approached the turn off from the AT, to the blue blaze path to the parking lot and my car, I didn’t want to turn.  I stopped for nearly a full minute. Then I followed my feet  going North, back on the AT.  Just 50 meters or so. It was a thank you.  It was a promise to be back. I felt sad to leave her.  Is the AT a she?  Not sure about that but it has definitely come alive.

The last photo in this lot is that junction.  I will start there next time.

What a great day!

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