20 plus 1 BOOM!

This is my only photo!  Next time I will shoot more.

Yesterday was about finishing and yes we finished! Me and my friend Karma (I know it’s bad English but I had to put me first in the sentence)  with a guest appearance by our friend John P.

We started just after 0500 with headlamps in the dark! Another first for me and it was spooky cool!

I struggled early (maybe meds) and later on the uphills. When I say uphill I mean ANYTHING uphill!  I was feeling it on a 1% grade!  Thank heaven, down was  OK, and most of the last half was down.

SCREECH OWL!  It was dark and the owl was close! A very Halloweeny moment. So cool! A cry, nearly followed by some closing hoots. Fan fucking tastic.

I’m up at 0330 today, still a little buzzed by the experience. There we’re times I hated it. There we’re times I loved it. There we’re periods during conversation that it was “just walking.”

I sang “White Christmas” for one of the hills and almost totally separated from the pain.  It so lifted my spirits!  I actually felt joyous! Now that’s a new experience! Beautiful.

I usually REALLY struggle with people.  Not yesterday. It didn’t matter if I was slow or fast. Only the experience mattered.  The shared experience. Now there’s a new one for me.

You know when you see a friend you haven’t seem in a while and there’s an eye contact smile? Your happy to see them again? That happened a bunch of times yesterday! No words necessary.

Shared experience.

I need more of this.

Almost everybody we met was happy.  Nice. Just one old douchebag couple letting us know it was the SECOND time doing the AT.

Growing old with grace.  That’s what I strive for now.  A bit of humility. A little more putting others first.  Being interested in what THEY are saying. I want all that to come naturally for me.

Not just being interested in the people I like or feel connected to but with all of them. All of them. That’s who I want to be.

More work to do.

I feel overwhelmed with emotion. Meaningful emotion. How beautiful is that.

More. I need more of this.

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