Harper’s Ferry

I’ve just eaten a bag of pretzels, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, French fries, and chased it with a large bottle of Gatorade and a medium shake!

Guess I was hungry.

What a great day. I climbed to Weverly Cliffs:

Then descended into Harper’s Ferry. Found this on the way. 

Hence, the cheeseburger and milkshake.

I had no water to worry about, no shelter to find, no distance to make. It was care free, I guess. Different. Relaxed. I took lots of photos:

Somewhere on the towpath leading into town, worldly clambers entered my brain.  Didn’t know they were gone until they came. What time is check in? Will I have to wait until 3? I have to text Kraig. Is my car repaired? I promised we’d do the living will when I got back. Do I have any clean clothes in the car? And on and on and on.

For four days all I thought about was how far is the next shelter now and where’s the next water. I felt sore in lots of places but I wasn’t hurt. Pain and injury are way different. I staved off the injury somehow! I tweeked my once injured calf, and backed off on using it. I stepped up with that leg and pushed off with the other and it went away.

I learned how to climb slowly instead of like a sprinter; full speed and stop and recover. It was easier. Baby steps I kept saying to myself and I was up!

Can’t organize my thoughts. I’ll come back to this.   ✌️

Another cheeseburger. Some chips. More Gatorade and an ice cream bar. Stuffed. Ugh.

I forgot about Temple’s game. I forgot the Eagles played. Wow.

FB is different now. Could things have changed this much? Will my old life come back?

The only steady contact I had was Landi. My wife. She was the only non-trail person or thing I was interested in. We talked each day. 🙂

The food is staying in me! Unlike my ENTIRE hike! My trail name SHOULD be “In the Woods.”

Gray In the Woods was a premonition maybe.

I don’t want this day to be over. I’m staying awake as long as I can. Maybe even 8 o’clock.

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