Bake Oven Knob to the Lehigh Gap

In 1968 I graduated from Central Bucks HS with these guys. 48 years later, here we are at Bake Oven Knob on the Appalachian Trail. 

There was very little quiet time today. We shared stories from our pasts and our present lives. Funny stories. Sad stories. Insightful stories. Every time we get together we do this. Talk. We also forget half the stuff we share so there is an endless supply of conversation! Ha. 

This was my attempt at one of those AT photos of a hiker out in space on a protruding rock. Except I’m afraid to go out far enough! 

I’m certain that I will go over the edge. Silly really. From now on I will leave this stuff to the braver hikers. 

George W.Outerbridge Shelter. John’s looking for the non existing register. There is often a register and a bible in these places. It’s fun to read the entries. 

This sign was at the bottom of the hill into the Lehigh Gap. We went 9.1 miles today. It was easy without my loaded pack. I really felt fit. 😀

I’m tired. I never sleep very well before a hike. Before anything really. Bad sleeper I am. 

Next up… Wind Gap SOBO to the Lehigh Gap. Today was great but I felt a let down after all the Sleeping Beauty excitement. Helping a fellow hiker is the best. I was excited like a little kid! 

I don’t think these thru-hikers like Sleeping Beauty and Karma realize what an effect they have on budding hikers like me. They are our heros. At least for me they are. Heros. 

It is immensely difficult to do what they do. The mental torture  probably worse than the physical pain. A thru-hiker friend of mine told me that every once in a while, it just feels like she is a homeless person. Hiker Trash she said. 

The reality is that she is amazing! Truly amazing. I have enormous respect for my thru-hiking friends on the Trail. Enormous respect. I don’t know if I will ever thru-hike the AT. It’s such a monster decision to make. Actually leaving friends and family. Leaving your life as you know it. 

Monster Decision. I’m not making that one yet. 😀

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