20 degrees

It’s 20 degrees in Harper’s Ferry and 20 degrees in my hometown of LANSDALE, PA. Tonight the predicted low is 16 here and 15 there. 

A few hours North, in one of my hangouts, New Paltz, New York, it’s also 20 but will dip to 7 overnight. 

That 8 degree difference in sleeping temperature where I hike, is pretty much why my mood has been waning. I’m not really experienced enough yet to weather that kind of cold. 

I’ve been out overnight in temperatures hovering at the freezing mark, but never lower. Add the 25 to 30 mile an hour wind expected, and it’s reality that hikers die in those conditions, especially with an injury. Hypothermia is a reality on the Trail that I hope to never experience. 

The symptoms are easy to spot on others. That’s the real problem. Your brain is effected early and when you don’t think right, well you understand. 

We’re in an “Arctic Vortex” in the Northeast at the moment. It’s only in the last few years, I’ve been hearing that label. It used to just be a cold “spell,” like some Canadian witch conjured it up for us Americans. I like that picture, but I like witches. 

I love that shot. My best ones are generally random. What I see is often not what I get. Especially in the mood category. This one is perfect to my eye. “Winter Morning on the AT,” is what it could be called. 

I really love it up on that ridge directly north of here in Lansdale. I just drive a little over an hour and I’m there. The Appalachian Trail. 

Oh good. I love the Trail again. I had some “Trail Talk” this morning with Karma. That really helped. Then all I needed was to see that photo and BOOM!  I’m back!  💥🌳

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