13 Miles NOBO from The Lehigh Gap

I CAN’T BELIEVE I WENT UP THAT SECTION AGAIN! But I did and it was way less scary. That’s a very good thing. I was getting apprehensive about my ability to complete sections that are years ahead of me. Not so good at staying in the present sometimes. 

We had to be vigilant. There were icy spots, mostly in flat areas, thank the gods. Although, they caught me by surprise a few times. I only fell once. Getting out of my car! 

The hike was confusing for me. It looked so different. The mountain is trying to heal from the poison dumped there. 

The walk had an eerie feel. Like I shouldn’t be there or something. It appeared that pine trees have been planted. Maybe between 5 and 10 years ago. There was only grass, some rocks, and the lonely pines. Eerie. Sad. 

The Zinc works down there caused all this. 

My friend doing his best Katahdin pose! 😀

The view is quite something. 

There was some hairy footing. It took more concentration that usual. Good practice for me. I will get hurt if I don’t pay attention. A fall could be a real problem. 

It was 27 at 0730 when we met at Smith Gap and I fell out of my car. There was very little wind, thankfully. 

I’m beginning to bore myself. You must be really bored. I need an overnight. The plan is 3 days and 2 nights hiking NOBO and completing half of New Jersey. Maybe 3 more right after, if the weather looks good. 

I think that will stoke my fires again. I don’t feel connected to the Trail anymore.  I’m not a part of the community anymore.  I don’t like this. 

4 thoughts on “13 Miles NOBO from The Lehigh Gap

  1. Wow…that one pic of the snow covered rocks was kind of hairy. Yes…the place looked eerie and I was not surprised when you said you no longer felt connected to the trail. It does not look like a welcoming place. Maybe you should spend more time in front of a fire making music.



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