The Shawnee Inn

Looks great doesn’t it. I mean the location. The history. There’s really no place quite like this in the Poconos. If I turn the camera around he would see the Delaware river just in front of us. A championship golf course.

It’s actually much better in a tent up on the trail. Maybe my expectations were too high. I mean, Arnold Palmer played Jackie Gleason here to a throng of spectators. That’s not good enough reason to stay. We’re leaving early. 

It’s much nicer at home. It didn’t always used to be like this. We went places, other places because it was nicer than where we lived. Yolande has made our home beautiful. It’s just a two bedroom apartment, but it’s a little oasis for us. We like it there.

So, what I’m saying is, I’d rather be up on the trail, than staying in a place like this. I’d rather be cold. I’d rather my feet hurt. I’d rather my lungs are ready to explode going up a hill, and stay here one more night.

This place was very nice once. Not so much now. They do 70 weddings a year here. Have golf outings here. Business conferences. Summer sports camps. The problem is, if you’re just someone getting a room to spend the night you get no attention. I have to admit, The buffet breakfast was good.

This is not my typical blog entry I know. Sorry. Maybe in the beginning, I should put, STOP NOW THIS ISN’T WORTH READING. 

Maybe this is just a continuation of my bad mood. Middle of the winter, too dark outside, bad mood.

When I get home I’ve got lots of packages to open. I knew warmer sleeping bag. Another backpack a little larger. Winter backpack. I’ll be able to fit all kinds of extra stuff in there. I know it will be heavy but that’s OK. So I go have fun, and organize myself for another hike. Just an overnight maybe Saturday into Sunday. Maybe that’ll fix my mood. I think I may delete this whole thing.

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