High Point State Park to Culver Gap

I will pass 200 miles on Sunday! I have less than 2000 miles to go. 

I will finish the Appalachian Trail.  If I’m still breathing, I will finish. 

Here to fore, I am stealing Birthday Girl’s idea. MVP – LVP or something like that. The best thing about the hike and the worst. What shall I call them??? Winner and Weasel? Hero and Goat? Stay or Go Home? Best and Worst? Hey, maybe just what I learned. I always learn something. Yes:  What I Learned. Maybe. I’ll keep thinking. 

After the hike:  

203 miles

Here are my two hiking compadres. John at stage right and Gates at stage left. If confused, Gates is bearded. 

Without their friendship and logistic support, I would never be this far. I am difficult, if you haven’t already noticed, and these two keep me in line. Their patience with my persistently erratic behavior is very much appreciated. I get excited easily and am delusionally optimistic. Like I said, difficult. Thanks you two. 

I left John and Gates and headed up the Trail in light flurries. 

By the time I reached the shelter…


I had an instant oatmeal snack and slept off and on until 4am. Then breakfast, broke camp, and off with my headlamp for guidance. 

And what to my wandering eyes should appear…FRESH BEAR TRACKS! Just down the Trail from the shelter!

There’s nothing like an early start. 

There were a bunch of White Birch trees on the ridge. Odd and beautiful. 

Lots more old friends. 

Must have been a farm nearby years ago. 

The pavilion at Sunrise Mountain. Met a really nice young woman hiker. She drove 2 hrs to be up here at sunrise. Very cool. 

As you can see, the wind kicked up and I went Ninja. My face was still red anyway, a day later. 

It was a really tough hike on the second day. The pack was a problem. Shoulder straps loosening and sternum strap sliding. Any annoyance makes the mental part of the hike tougher, and that makes the physical part tougher.  

I returned the KELTY Red Cloud 90 and am picking up an Osprey Volt 75. I have the Volt 60 and love it, so the 75 should work fine. My collection of gear just keeps growing. Typical that is I hear. 

Hiking 13 on Friday morning with my friend Scott!  Looking forward to more PA rocks. 

What I learned: Black Bears don’t really hibernate. They come out from time to time for food. Don’t let them have any. A fed bear is a….

5 thoughts on “High Point State Park to Culver Gap

  1. Great report, the bear tracks would have scared me. How do you secure your food so as not to attract bears? Heard they can smell food from a long way off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No short answer on that one Dave. Some hikers, and me think that proximity to humans keeps the bears from food. They smell food and human, they stay away. I sleep with my food sometimes. I hang it sometimes and I have a bear canister I put it in and just leave it out away from my tent. We smell like food out there all the time! My pack, my pockets, me. We’ll talk about this in more detail sometime Dave! Thanks for reading.


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