I Surrender 1361.9 to 1363.9

Four miles in 3 hours. Out and back from the Wawayanda Shelter. I’m finished with hiking in deep snow. No more delusional optimism. My spirit is broken. I’m exhausted physically and mentally after only 4 miles. I’m not coming back up here until the Trail is hikable. 

Even following snow shoe tracks was difficult. If I missed the track, my boot sunk in nearly to my knee!  

I’m grateful for the snow shoers, really. I wouldn’t have covered a mile without them, but it was like staying off the cracks in a tile floor. Every once in a while  I would slip or get caught leaning, and Boom! Ha. Down I went. 

There’s a danger factor as well. Not knowing what’s under the snow is not good. A number of times my foot slipped or went deeper that I expected it to! Once there was water down there that I didn’t see. 

Anyway. Enough. 

What did I learn? Until today, I was sure that I needed to stay up mentally to finish this Section Hike. The physical part of this goal I have, may be too much for me, too. 

And then there’s injury. 

I’m not quitting. I just am not going out again in this this winter. 

I bet I do this again next year. Hike in the snow AND surrender. 

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