My Second Home…

This is the church where Landi and I were married in 1999. It’s in Three Anchor Bay, a short way from downtown Cape Town, South Africa. 

The entire service was in Afrikaans! I understood about 1 of every 100 words that were spoken.  Today, 18 years later, I know lots of words but only a few sentences. Oh, and I can sing happy birthday and curse.   I learned the curse words first.  Very mature.

This is the view looking up from my Father on Law’s house on the side of Lion’s Head mountain.

And down… or out, I should say.

It’s the second home he designed and built up here. Both are more than you can imagine. I’ll take you on a tour another time. 

Uwe came here at age 19 as an apprentice goldsmith. He will turn 80 next month. He is a brilliant jewellery designer.  He designed a brooch that was given to the Queen of England from South Africa. I could go on…numerous international awards. 

I came here 20 years ago to help open an American school. I was married to someone else.  We separated. I met a woman in A.A who was also separated. Yolande and I married 2 years later and here I am. In paradise.

Especially at sunset.

We just got back to Uwe’ s after two nights in Sea Point at Blackheath  Lodge.  It was outstanding. We booked two more nights in August an hour after we arrived! It’s that good!

We had our own porch!

And all this…

Lots of art…

And crafts…

And flora…

And this really well done Elly by the pool!

Wanted to take him home. I like the elephants more on this trip for some reason.

Food was superb.  Full breakfast included.  

I bought a beach chair and umbrella today. Tomorrow, I’ll post some photos from the beach. 

I’m still jetlagged and my cold has lingered. Another few days and I’ll be back to 100. 

I’ve got a date for ice cream tomorrow with Nina! My favorite niece!!! We’ve been doing ice cream dates since she was about 6. She just turned 21. 

Life is good.

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