I know Germans from Cape Town. I know Germans from Germany. They are nothing like these people. 

Then again, all the Germans I know are North Germans. They are precise. Stiff. They build BMWs. Mercedes Benz. Lots of shiny knives and things. Actually, matt finish, not shiny. Shiny attracts too much attention.  Germans are not shiny.

Anyway, these Namibians, my new found family that I have been spending time with, are different.

They’re nice… humble. Kind. Open. Welcoming. 

They speak German… but they are not German German. They are Namibian Germans!!! 

We had family celebration brunch in Buddy and Anzélle’ s beautiful home converted from a milking barn! Reni was architect…. Anzélle the interior decorater:

The cupboards echo the ceiling!

And a huge outside deck looking out into the Kalahari! 

One day, some years ago, an elephant wandered past just here. He had come 300 kilometers from a reserve, maybe looking for new lands. Could be, he was here before and remembered….

The workers in this region are the San people. 

Lovely, peaceful people, who are one of the indigenous tribes, who have been here forever. More on all that later sometime. 

Every time I came into contact with any of the San, I was greeted with a smile! I felt welcome everywhere I went on the farm. 

Pretty much everywhere I have been in Namibia!

We had a braai last night…

and the Birthday Brunch in the morning. 

Anzélle’s brunch was first class! Reni, and all of us were delighted by the delicious food and presentation.

I have enjoyed myself so much with my new Namibian family.  I hope it’s ok that I have adopted them. I asked Buddy if I could come back next year and spend a day working on the farm. He said to me, “You must come for a week!” 

I can’t wait…

3 thoughts on “Germans?

  1. Fascinating! Why wait ’till next year??? Yesterday Aud & I had lunch at the Plumsteadville Inn w/Jill, Judy, & 2 of Jill’s kids (Jen & Chris) Ann was planning to go also but had a terrible migraine – not that there’s any such thing as a good migraine! She was sooo disappointed! We had such a good time & it ended much too soon but Jill had to take Chris to the airport to fly back to CA. Too bad we can’t do that more often!

    You sure do sound like you are having fun! Does Yolanda go w/you on any of these journeys? She probably wants to visit w/her Dad? Keep on enjoying everything! I love your posts!

    xoxo. Cuz

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