Northern Naukluft Namib National Park (Moonscape)

So, We left Swakopmund for brunch at the golf club, the power was out all day for repairs, then headed out into the desert…

Then it looked like this…

Nothing. As far as we could see. Then the landscape began to change.

Then we understood my they call this place “Moonscape Park!”

It was so unexpected!

We started down into the canyon to the Oasis for refreshments.

We were with our cousins Cliff and Almuth. They have been great hosts! Almuth has a tour business. She knows EVERYTHING!

Then we reached the Oasis at the bottom, about 4k down.

We… I had some apple crumble. Took a few more photos…

and off we went!

What an amazing afternoon. Next time I’ll explore on foot. 
This is Almuth’s office in Swakopmund. 

If you come to Namibia… contact me and I can connect you to her. She can help you organize anything here. And everything is here. Not just desert, lots of water and all the animals. Plus the Fish River Canyon! We’ve just run out of time. 

Next time we will explore south of here. Sossesvlei with it’s huge dunes and beautiful colors. Leutteritz with abandoned houses and more sea. 

Looking forward to seeing it all!

2 thoughts on “Northern Naukluft Namib National Park (Moonscape)

  1. Great pics Doug. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering what temps were and how they changed if at all with elevation.
    In PA we are seeing lower 90’s and moderate humidity. Betting humidity there was about 0, lol.

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    1. In Swakopmund, the must every morning turns the air to nearly 100%. By 9am it’s back to very very low! Winter here. Maybe 45 for a low and 70 to 80 for the high. Big swing… down jacket in the morning. T shirt after lunch!


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