My rental car was stolen tonight. 2017 Ford Fiesta. This is my first car theft. Why do I feel stupid? 
I went to an AA meeting at The Carpenter’s Workshop and when I walked down Roeland Street to my car it wasn’t there! 

Then I’m thinking, is this really where you parked? I do that. Forget where I’ve parked. That’s not a senior thing with me. I have always been this way. 

 I thought that my car was stolen once before. My wife, who was my fiancée then, said that I had parked on the other side of the mall. I was sure it was where we were looking. Besides, she had never even been in the Montgomery Mall before! She was visiting from South Africa. 

We got security to drive us around and look for our car. Sure enough, there it was. Right where she said it was. On the other side of the mall! 

I’m waiting for the insurance investigator to arrive at the house here in Bantry Bay, to discuss the claim. He is now at the scene of the crime. Roeland and Hope Streets. 

I think this will all be 100% covered… I’ll finish this story later…

It’s later. The insurance investigator called. He found my car… right where I PARKED IT! ONE BLOCK OVER!!!

He told me it happens a lot with the tourists visiting here. I told him that I have a house here… I’ve been coming here for 20 years!!! We both had a good laugh. 

He was a great guy. Told me all kinds of funny stories about people losing rental cars. He dropped me at the Fiesta and headed off home. I drove back to my father in laws house in Bantry Bay. 

Then he and his dinner guests also had a good laugh!

8 thoughts on “Gone…

  1. It must be in the genes ! I lose my car frequently – never knew there were so many silver cars – but it’s never gone quite as far as your “thefts!” Possibly a photo of your parked car in it’s surroundings would help???

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  2. Time to learn how to use the gps locator on your phone. You can mark where are and then tell yourself to go back there….. or you could hire a full time caregiver or chauffeur. Not nearly as emtertaining, though. Thanks for the laugh.

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