Settled In…

We are in Sutton Place, Cape Town. Our own flat now until we leave in August. πŸ™ƒ It has been so crazy since we left America.  Now we can settle in a bit. 

This is Lazari.

Love Lazari. 

The place where you can find the best cupcake in all of Cape Town. 

It’s a very moist and heavy yellow cake with pink white chocolate icing. I eat one EVERY Saturday! No matter what. I give them away for birthdays.

I went up to the Taffleberg Road this morning for a walk along the road to the Table Mountain Cableway.

It takes you up to the little building you can see at the corner of the mountain. I did it once. That was enough. 😨 If it’s cloudy or windy it doesn’t run.

I forgot to take a photo of the view from up here. It’s amazing, even just from the base road.

I went into one of the shops and met two lovely Muslim women. 

Mavis, and her daughter on the right. Can’t remember her name. Grrr.  Anyway, we had quite a long chat. Turns out, she is THE MAVIS from Taliep Peterson’s “Kat and the Kings!” She and Taliep went to Salt River HS together.  He told her that one day he would write a song about her, and he did!!! 

If you have never seen “Kat and the Kings,” you must. It’s about the singing group of that name during the time when District 6 was decimated. All the residents were sent to the Townships and their homes were bulldozed. 

Really a story about Apartheid that everyone should see. 

MAVIS told me that they took her house, but they couldn’t kill her spirit. Such an inspiration she is. How lucky am I to have met her? MAVIS.

There’s our rental car. 2017 Ford Festiva. Lion’s Head mountain in the background. I climbed it once, year’s ago. I didn’t quite get to the top. The weather turned bad. Smartly, I descended. I don’t ever underestimate the mountains here. Tourists die from falls every year. Just because they are not in a remote spot doesn’t make then any less dangerous.  

Windy, can you tell. 

Tonight, Mr Delivery take away dinner with the family. 

Tomorrow, I will hike with the Deuter. Friday, I’ll surf again. ☺

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