My New Deuter

I have two Osprey Volt packs. One is a 60L and the other a 70L. Now I have a Deuter 40L+10L.

The main interior chamber has two draw strings at the top. One for a 40L chamber and the other extends the pack to a 50L capacity.  I’m pretty sure that for everything but a very cold trip, 50 liters will work for me. I’ve never filled the 60.

I REALLY got the pack because I needed the back support and the extra weight to help keep my legs and lungs fit.

Walking without a pack feels odd to me now. My back stays more stable when I’m strapped in for support. 

I almost tried to save some money and buy a cheaper pack. That would have been a big mistake. The Deuter is a really good pack from a very well respected German company. It is by far a more comfortable pack than any of the others I tried here.

I’m boring myself these days. I have no passion right now. I am usually a little manic but this is more than that. 

I don’t have the freedom I need in my life when I’m here. It’s too dangerous on the mountain.  Even with someone, you could get ambushed. I feel none of that back home. On any day, I can go any number of places to feel free and safe. 

And AA is off this year. Only 2 morning meetings during the week and one of them is annoying me. A little too much “God will take care of me” stuff. It feels to ” Born Again” to me. 

I’m going surfing tomorrow. Maybe that will light my fire. Hope so…

4 thoughts on “My New Deuter

  1. Hi Doug
    This is Scott (Sherpa). I was so excited to get your text the other day. The pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me!! I’ve been riding a lot lately so will be ready for NY when you get back and the temps drop below 50 degrees.
    That is my riding threshold. Sure hope the surfing is fun and the waves are good. Enjoy something each day and try to relax your mind when you can. The days are long here and allows for more day light activities. Enjoy the beauty of South Africa and stay in touch.

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  2. Sure hope so too! Don’t like to hear that you’re feeling “down!” As the song says, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!!!” Luv you, Doug!

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