Day 1 of the “Overhaul”

Hiked up to my favorite little house on the mountain this morning. I had my MapMyHike app running. Just 6 miles but lots of UP!

I wore myself out is a really good way.

Then, of course, a stop at Nourished!

That’s Natasha…

And here’s Alfred.  Always smiling he is. Makes me feel good just to see these two!

They are my nutrition gurus. Mel creates the recipes and Alfred works the blender magic. 

My usual is a “Green Monster.” Filled with all sorts of healthy stuff. Today, I had a “Pinapple Dream,” with Grenadilla added. Passion Fruit. Love Grenadilla!

I make a mean Grenadella Cheesecake! Oops, cheesecake is off limits for a while. 

Litchi is another fruit I go crazy for here. Can’t get it back in America for less than a small fortune.


Some flower…

And Lichi:

Here endeth the fruit lesson for the day. 

Back to “Tash” and Alfred. They are two of the nicest young people I have EVER met. I’m not sure what is getting a boost from spending time with them at Nourished. My immune system or my soul. 

Mood elevation they dish out. No drugs included.   🙂

Lately, those two and their concoctions have been just what the doctor ordered!


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