Starting Another Overhaul

Today. Thursday, the 13th of July I’m changing my ways, again. My body and mind need to get it together. 

Both are not where I want them to be. I have to begin eating like an adult, not a Thru Hiker!


Looks like a pretty good day out there to get crackin’! It’s 14C this morning. 59F for you Americans. Perfect weather for an overhaul I’d say, and I’m saying!

I’m going to load on my loaded pack and hike up the mountain, circuitously, to “Nourished,” my new hangout. The owner and staff are treasures. They fill me with healthy smoothie stuff. They tell me what’s in the concoction, I listen, recognizing about a third of the ingredients, nod my head yes, and they begin creating. Fresh, fresh, healthy slush. About a 3 brain freeze serving. 

On goes my pack and down the mountain I go. It’s royal treatment really. I better turn on the gratitude. Back on the AT there will be no smoothies. No smoothies. 

I’m holding you to hold me accountable. Now THERE’S a sentence. 

The overhaul begins. 

I slept on a pull out couch last night, that makes my camping sleep gear feel like hotel fare, but my back is a little better today. Is it true that a hard bed is really good for a bad back? I thought that was just one of those things everyone says that are baloney. Maybe not. I’ll continue the experiment tonight. 

Up. I must get up now. Landi is up in the loft sleeping soundly. She never minds when I wake her. How can that be? Only once in 20 years was she angry when my early rising woke her. I think she is one of those rare good sleepers who doesn’t really like to sleep. 

So, I’m going to make some noise now in the kitchen below her in this bachelor flat. She’ll say, “What time is it?” I’ll say,  “7:45. Want some coffee?” A pause, then, “Yes.” And it begins…

For 20 years. Same routine. Coffee is the secret to my good marriage. Try it. 

Overhaul Day.  I’ll let you know how it went. 


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