Up the Southern Coast

Yolande and I went to visit an old friend of her’s and Aunt Tessie, up the Southern Coast.

Here are a few shots:

Rental car number 3. Ford Festiva. 

Hangklip and Pringle Bay where my friend William the Spy’s parents live!

These mountains are really something. Huge. Can you see the tiny house in the lower right?

A baobab painting in Landi’s friend’s home. Love baobabs. 


Uncle Herman always flys the U.S. colors for us, so we feel welcome when we arrive!!!   🙂

And the drive home…


Beautiful coastal drive. 

That’s it. 

We’re back in Cape Town. 

I’m getting back to my old self again. I maybe needed a road trip. Feeling lighter. 

GITW Out. 

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