Boom.  (boo’ um)

That’s me. Boom.  That’s my Trail name.  

I love trees. 

These are just some of the varieties of the Baobab. I love this tree. 

Then there are Giant Sequoias. 

Amazing, wouldn’t you say? Magnificent is a better word. Majestic. Spiritual. Humbling. 

There is a special energy around these giants. I’ve felt it. 

I stood by a huge Baobab in Kruger Park on my first trip to South Africa. It rearranged my molecules. Really. 

In 1973, I think, I spent the night in a cabin among the Giant Sequoias in The Sequoia National Forrest. I got up early and walked among those monsters at dawn. It was life changing. 

Trees are my thing. Everyone should have a thing. 

I have Baobab and Douglas Fir tattoos!!!


Why is this so hard for me? Just be Boom, Doug. 

This whole “Trail name” thing is making me crazy! 

Boom. That is my name, so far. 

Tree in Afrikaans. Also a fun thing to say, “BOOM!” Like a friend of mine says, “20 BOOM!,” after hiking 20 miles. 

I have wanted a cool nick name since as far back as I can remember! There was a TV show I used to watch. I think it was Spin and Hardy. I wanted the name “Spin” in the worst way! Doug was boring. 

I have ADHD. Everything in my life is boring at some time or other. I have done a gazillion things.  Mostly because of all the energy that had to keep being directed somewhere! 

Maybe a name could come from my own description of who I am. 

Here goes:

I don’t sleep well. I love cherry anything. I am always early. I am very loyal. I am artsy and sportsy both. Easily distracted, obviously. Eat too much. Love the theater. Love AA. Love being naked outside, nude beaches and swimming holes. I adore the ocean waves and surfing. Lobster lobster lobster, and more lobster.  I love snowboarding. I was a skater as a kid. Quarterback. I could never run fast. I am South African and American. 3 or any multiple of 3 are lucky numbers for me. I am superstitious. I love trees. Especially Baobabs and Sequoias. I am a hiker. I will finish the AT. 

That didn’t help. I’m still Boom. 

Trees. Maybe “Baobab.” No. Dumb. 

Maybe Boom is good. Boom is Afrikaans for “tree.”  

Boom is good. I keep Boom. 

FULL CIRCLE!!!  Boom 🌲.  (Boo – om) 


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