Ignore my last post…

That settles it. Linda reminded me today! 

Very early in my hiking history, I went on my first training hike with a used backpack I had just purchased on EBay. I loaded it up and headed up to Nockamixon State Park. (Described in detail in one of my first posts)

Off I went at a hectic, adrenaline stoked pace. About a mile in, I went into a gully and as I pushed off to climb out, my right calf muscle got this weird, painful, electric charge like jolt. Pulled Gastrocnemious. 

I hobbled back the mile to my car and went home dejected. 

The next day my friend and hiking guru Linda saw me limping and asked me what happened??? “I went out for my first training hike and pulled my calf muscle,” I told her. ” How much weight did you have in your pack?” she asked. “Maybe 30lbs or so.” I said. “30 pounds!!! You should have started with maybe 5lbs or so! What was in your pack?” she says. “Just some hammers and stuff,” I said.  “Hammers????? 😀”

Yes, hammers. 

We both had a good laugh. 

It makes me smile even now.  

“Hammers” is now, only 24 hours after I convinced myself it should be “Boom,” my new Trail Name. 

I’m not telling anyone. 


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