Heading Home

Well, this is different! We were packed and ready to go to Bantry Bay. My father in law, Uwe, sent a Whatsapp. Turns out there’s no water at his house! We were going to spend the last few days there, wanting to have some time with him. He just turned 80. 

He started his business here 60 years ago; came to Cape Town on an old VW on holiday from Namibia, and never left. 

Anyway, We left the view you are seeing above, and slogged up to his house to wait for the Cape Town Water Department, due in sometime around 10AM.  They showed up at 6:45PM! So much for the relaxing day at the Presential Hotel!

Our Sidewalk Cafe dinner at 7pm turned into Mr Delivery up at the house with no water. 

The trouble was that someone turned off the water at the water meter outside the house. The local criminals first watch the houses to see who’s maybe not home. Then they shut off the water, to see what avtivity that causes. If there’s no reaction, they enter and rob the house! 

Crafty plan foiled. Maybe by us being there all day. It was worth the trouble to help. I will never be able to return anywhere near the generosity my father in law has shown me. Never. From dinners out to game reserves. I have been spoiled. I’ll also will never be able to thank him enough. I’ll keep trying. 

So now it’s Tuesday, August 8th.  We’re going to a lovely breakfast at Blackthorn Lodge at 9. We stayed there twice on this trip. Love the place and especially the people. Isn’t that how it is? The people make the experience for me. 

Then back to the house in Bantry Bay for some final packing and good byes. 

We fly at 1935. American Airlines. 

18 hours in the air with a stop at Heathrow in London for some food and a nap. 

My next post will be from across the pond. 

It will be funny to hear the Americans speak. They sound odd to me when I get back. AND, I’ll be driving on the right again!!!


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