Glorious Britain!

I used to be completely annoyed by the British. It was just one of my prejudices shattered. I went to London. 

I used to think all white South Africans were racist haters. I went to South Africa. 

I used to think all of Ireland was dangerous. The Irish were just violent people. I went to Ireland. 

People are people, generally speaking. It’s been my experience that 10% of any population are difficult. 90% are just like me. Regular old flawed humans. Digging and scratching our way to some peace and quiet on this planet. Quiet inside our heads mostly. 

The point here is I HAD TO TRAVEL, to lose all those preconceived notions. In AA we call it contempt prior to investigation. I can be so wrong about stuff I think I am so right about! The list is really long. 

Sweet Potatoes. Germans. Southerners. Cooked cabbage. Golf. The color red. Lansdale. Ambler. Africa. Europe. Muslims. Oh my heaven, Muslims. There the rule should be only 5%. 

My experience in Cape Town has shown me that Muslims are mostly wonderful people. 

And England.  I really like London. Once I got past the cost of EVERYTHING, I began to love it. I love that the streets aren’t numbered. Love the Jack the Ripper stories. Love the fact that they still have a Royal Family. I used to really think that was stupid. I older I get, the less I judge, the more I love. 

I can look at that Glorious Britain shop and just smile today. I let Britain be glorious all they want to. 


2 thoughts on “Glorious Britain!

  1. Good stuff, Doug. I had a little opposite experience here. I moved from lily white Bucks County to Cheltenham Ave. when I was going to Temple in the early 2000s. I had more exposure to people of color (black and Asian,) and I developed a whole lot of resentments. I was surprised and concerned so I spoke to my advisor, a tall very dark black woman and when it was all said and done she said to me, “Honey…you ain’t prejudiced against black people…you prejudiced against stupidity!”

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