This is our nephew Daniel Koetter Knight Ullrich. He was 25. That’s his sister Nina with him in the photo. 

Last night, while in the process of defending two women from a mugger, our Daniel was stabbed in the neck and died at the scene. 

He was with us for 4 months, a couple of years ago. Daniel is a surfer, so being here during the winter months, it seemed right that we take him snowboarding. In two runs, he was a better snowboarder then I could ever hope to be! 

Daniel was a sweetheart of a man. He always put others first. A rare quality in someone his age. 

We are both going to miss him terribly. Just yesterday, I sent him this photo of Hot Dog Johnny’s. 

He wrote back saying that he remembered that day and he couldn’t wait until he could visit America again. 

I think I will stop there every so often now. I’ll order two dogs. One for me and the other for Daniel. 

Rest Peacefully Dear Daniel. 

3 thoughts on “Daniel 

  1. Sorry, Doug, I started a reply but got side-tracked and then could no longer find it to finish it so, here I go again! I am so, so sorry to hear about your nephew. He certainly did die a heroic death but all too young. Please tell Yolanda and her family that I am so sorry for their loss. Sounds like the world is one good man shorter now. So sad! xoxo

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