Cape Town this time…

A pink Citroen. I was just shooting stuff. Trying to divert my attention from my terrible feelings of loss.

Lost my nephew Daniel. He was a beautiful boy. Came to the aid of two woman being mugged and was stabbed to death by one of the muggers. 

They caught the man. He is in jail. I hope he never gets out.

  • So today I’m just shooting or collecting other shots that make me feel better. Hence. Pink Citroen.

This blog entry has no real purpose. That’s ok. Today, I have no purpose or direction.

Shot from my father in law’s house up on the mountain in Bantry Bay. 

Some kind of tanker. Maybe natural gas. The light on the Quiver Tree and the turquoise natural gas tanker are really cool.

Daniel’s sister Nina in the left front. Corina driving.

 Savanna laughing. Viola with her tongue out.  They are off to Langebaan for the night.

I love these girls. Found out later that Viola was BORN ON THE DAY I GOT SOBER! Not just the date. The exact day! I love her automatically. 

It is so easy to love under these circumstances.  I’m going to try and love like this from now on. 

Remind me please.

Went for a surf where Daniel and I surfed years ago, when he was a beginner. I’ve gotten worse. He got fantastic.

That’s Seth in the foreground. Great guy from Austrailia. Daniel, and another great guy in the back. I’ve forgotten his name. I’ll find out. 

Nourish’d is our smoothy place. I would go there if there was no food. Daniel’s friend Tash is the owner and mastermind of this oasis.  Tash and Mel and Alfred and TI. I love them all, too.

TI and Mel.

Tash and Daniel.

Nina, Daniel’s little sister, had a tatoo made from Daniel’s signature  on her last birthday card from him. Precious.

Daniel on the right. Ali, his lifelong friend on the left. No words.

I guess I’ll leave you with this one.

Rest in Peace Dear Daniel. You’ve touched us all. I’ll carry you with me forever.


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