What is all the fuss about?

That’s me in the Middle. Flanked by my two HS buddies, John and Gates. John is/was an Eagle Scout. Gates taught Outward Bound. 

Me, I played sports. And sports. And more sports.

I always wondered about these outdoor types. My pharmacist, Julie, after a cycle trip up near Mt. Kathadan, came back calling those odd looking hikers, “Granola People.” “They were all dirty and ate weird stuff!” she said. Granola People. 

Me, I just thought they were nerdy. You know, not proper jocks like me.  I did the stuff in HS that supposedly got you the girls. That worked out really well. 

Meanwhile, while I chased a college scholarship, John and Gates went off to Bucknell and Penn State and pursued adult careers. John became an Engineer and Gates used his creative talents to end up working at the University of Pennsylvania in the audio and visual arts.

Me, I kept chasing wins; became a teacher and coach. (See above..ha) Pretty much doing the same things I did all life. Organized the neighborhood kids into teams and played to win. Always to win.

I did ski a bit. Snowboarded obsessively. Played golf straight to a ruptured disc. Surfing was the only really positive outdoor activity I engaged in. Back to the point. 

The point being. They kept experiencing the outdoors aesthetically and for fitness. Me, I just beat up my body.

I remember thinking, “What’s all thr fuss about?” Following some trail thtough the woods. How could hiking ever fulfill me? There’s no scoreboard!


That’s me. Having the time of my life! One of the many times of my life! They just keep happening out there!

I’m officially MAKING A FUSS. A big FUSS. Funny word that, fuss.

I can’t wait to get out there. 


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