Back in the USSA

I know it should be USA, but from overseas it’s been looking like we’ve been modeling our new leadership after Vladimir. 

 Besides, it’s a cute reference to the Fab Four, right?

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Airport Holiday Inn, Newark, New Jersey. 

This is the liftoff from Dubai. We actually started in Cape Town, on our 39 hour marathon journey. It has never taken us this long to return home, but we’ve never had to book on such short notice. It can cost between $1100 and $3500, depending on stops and airlines. Per person, round trip. 

We opted for stops. A ride from Lansdale to Newark Airport. Newark to Athens. Athens to Dubai. Dubai to Cape Town, and back the same route. 

39 hours, 25 of which in the air. 

Yes, it’s aweful. I just try not to think about it. Just like I try not to think about the fact that we’ll be cruising at 36,000 feet!

Also insanity. 

Anyway, we’re home. We got into Newark at 9:30 pm, so a room here for the night was the right thing to do. Today we pick up a rental car and drive to Lansdale. Tomorrow, I will be returning the car to the Philadelphia Airport and taking the train back to Lansdale. Cars are way less expensive airport to airport. 

Now, I shall give you my grand total of time in transit these last 4 days. 

39 + 4 hours to get the car and get home + another 4 to get to the Philly Airport and home = 47 hours if there are no delays. There will be delays. 

This is my hometown, Chalfont, PA, a really long time ago. I live in Montgomery County now, about 5 miles away from there. I have NEVER felt home in Lansdale. Bucks County is my home. Chalfont is really  home. I drive the 5 miles just to go for a walk there. It soothes my soul. I will be needing some soul soothing in the coming months and years. Landi even more than me and she will be very far from home. 

These two are home, too. My girls, this photo taken over 40 years ago. I get the same feeling now when I see them as I do when I look at this photo. 

It’s Thanksgiving Day. I am definitely thankful that these two angels came into my life. Landi, John Paul and these two are my short list. The ones I love the very most. I hope you have this kind of joy in your life. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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