Finish CT: 483 to 507.4

I will pass the 500 milestone on this trip.

That will be exciting. I have a very hilly 24.3 to do. I’m going to take 3 days. Just to not stress my foot.

I have lost 11 lbs. In hiker weight, my hiker weight, it’s like I’ll be walking without my tent, my pack, and my sleeping bag, NOT on my back. HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!

I will keep on the Nutrisystem plan. Here’s a typical day:

3 meals with protein or veggies added, two snacks, and a shake. I’ve lost about a pound a day.

Now, the truth is, that I ate more than usual just before I started. The next ten will be tougher.

That’s ok. I’m all in.

A Nor’Easter hit on Friday! The wet snow was blowing sideways and sticking on everything.

So I’m reading this great book…since I can’t hike, and I came across this quote:

“Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around, thinking that it will protect us, when in fact it’s the thing that’s really protecting us from being seen.”

Whoa. Now there’s a big truth.

That is why I paint and surf and hike. Three perfectly imperfect activities.

No scoreboard.

Can you believe that I’m reading a self-help book? Me.

I need the Trail. Best self-help there is.


My foot is almost ready.

Just Doug

P. S. I’m in church again! Having coffee in the lobby. Good grief. No one seems to care if I’m here or not. Is this really Christianity? I am really close minded…I kind of like this place.

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