Empty Tank

I never write when I am low. I think it’s time.

This has been a very difficult stretch. The loss of Daniel has taken it’s toll on my wife. She spends nearly all her time alone. Her not ok is me not ok. That is not codependency. That is marriage.

Yolande is happy by herself. Always has been. At least that is what she says. For now, I think she is.

Me, I’m injured. My tendinitis is not better. Well, it’s better but not gone. I want it gone.

Think I’ll stretch. Later.

BETTER this afternoon. I got discharged from physical therapy. I’m now to “try out” my worked over new foot.

I’m hoping for pain. Just not injury. You know the difference, right? For me, pain is always there. Not constantly, but nearly. My mental attitude overrides the pain. I have no choice. I’m 67. This will only get worse.

Tomorrow, I will put on my 30lb pack and go a while. Fingers crossed!

So I did. Put on my pack and went just over 2 miles. My foot spoke to me some, but it’s ok.

Gnomes. A colony of gnomes. And one in a tree!

It’s good to be back in the woods.

Looks like I’m on for Connecticut! My friend Scott (Sherpa) is going to meet me on my last day. AWESOME.

Next day…

Went about 4 miles today with s full pack. I found a new place. The Green Ribbon Trail thst runs through Fort Washington State Park. It was great!

My foot was fine, but my hip acted up!!! Osteoarthritis for sure. I’m seeing Dr Bozak Tuesday. I’m hoping he will help me with that.

The link below is a video from today’s hike.

It was pretty great.

I will be going to Connecticut next week. Cool!


Dr. Bozak says arthritis in my hip. He’s giving me pain meds for my trip and will x-ray and inject when I return.

Just another hurdle to overcome. I’ve been at a real bottom. This is nothing!

Next post will be from Connecticut. The end of Connecticut!!!

Just Doug

Some photos from a training hike in Maryland and camping at Elk Neck State Park!

This is such a jumbled post!!!

Homemade fire starter!

On to Connecticut!

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