VA Rt 7 North to Harper’s Ferry. Day 1

That’s my new friend Calvin! Ex Boy Scout, current adventurer, and master fire builder! Obviously.

I woke up, boiled my 2 hotdogs, and came out of my tent to pee and there was Calvin with a beautiful fire! The dogs would have tasted much better with the fire.

Still good.

I froze the dogs and roll last night, to make sure they were fresh by tonight. Ha. The temperature hasn’t risen above 35 out here all day! Silly boy.

Met Chooch and Turtle! We recorded a video. Can’t post it yet!

Calvin is really a nice guy. In college and out here enjoying the woods. It’s so easy to be social for me out here. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s that the playing field is level here or maybe because we are all in our element. I just plain love the Appalachian Trail.

We talked about all sorts of stuff. I helped gather some more wood. Needed to help a little. Then we exchanged Internet identities. Facebook. Instagram. My blog. It definitely is 2018.

There was more that happened earlier in the day, but it’s a surprise. Chooch and Turtle understand!

This was Raven Rock.

Just Doug or Hammers (I don’t know who I am anymore.

PS. Foot is ok. Fingers crossed!

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