Day 2 – VA Rt 7 to Harper’s Ferry

(View from “Buzzard Rock”)

And a buzzard! (Turkey Vulture)

TOMORROW at 1 tenth of a mile past Louden Heights, I will have Section Hiked the Appalachian Trail for 500 miles!!!😊

Tonight I’m going to go back through my blog and see how many days I have been hiking, since my decision to do the whole thing happened in October of 2016. That will be interesting. Probably just to me!!!

Today was great! I made the 7.7 miles without injury to my Achilles or my hip. Man I sound old. This is a big deal. It means I can hike again. I just have to stay fit!!!

I can do that.

It was a lovely start. Cold, hilly, but easy walking. Smooth path.

Funny. I thought the daunting “Roller Coaster” was ahead of me. I had just gone through it!

Now that’s a good feeling!

I sat for a bit and had to put my down jacket and pull my hood up!

Spring! Someone planted daffodils!

Pretty sure I have never seen 5 mature Tulip Poplars coming from the same stump. Cool.

Up the last hill and…

Someone left an Angel for us! How cool!

With semi-precious stones! Wish I had one to add. This kind of stuff really picks up my day. I needed it. I was getting really tired.

5 months off the Trail. My legs were shot.

I was completely out of water. My Guthook App said that there was a Spring at the David Lessor Shelter, where I was spending the night. If it wasn’t running, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do!

I got to the Shelter. Found a sign pointing to the path to the Spring. It was DOWN! Ugh. I had to go a quarter mile down the mountain.

It was running strong! I’m saved!

I hiked back up and purified 2 and 3/4 liters. It takes about a half hour to do. 7 drops from each bottle into the cup. Wait 5 minutes. Pour it into the liter bottle and wait a half hour. I’m saved!

I set up my tent and got a fire going! Love fires now!!! Really love them.

I heated up my Nutrisystem Dinner and ate!

Chicken Barbecue! It was really good. Maybe I was just really hungry!

I’m in my tent now. It’s almost 8pm. I will sleep soon.

All in all a great day.

Tomorrow I pass 500 and hike into Harper’s Ferry! Beautiful, historic town.


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