The Dreaded Teacher Nightmare!

Ahhhh! Bruce. This is your fault!

It’s 0556. I’ve been awake since 4. I dozed off at about 0530. It’s Day 4, of my 6 day Section Hike in VA.

I woke up in a sweat! I was dreaming that nightmare all we teachers know. My class is totally out of control!

I can’t find my room. I find it, and half the class is gone. One girl is in my briefcase reading from my diary. Two boys are wrestling in the corner. My blackboard is covered in graffiti.

I wake up in my tent in a total panic!

I’ve been retired since 2007!

That’s Bruce and Nick in the photo. Two nice gents from Winchester, out for a few days on the AT. (More on these two another time.)

Bruce is an Athletic Director, was once a football coach. We have a lovely conversation about High School sports. I get excited talking about one of my first Boys Volleyball Teams. 1976. Yes, I’m old.

The dots must have connected in my dream. I was a young teacher again!

I’m so glad I’m in a tent dodging bears.

“All In” (Until yesterday, I was “Hammers”)

6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Teacher Nightmare!

      1. “All In” is it Bets. This one actually feels right. Everything else was forced. I like thinking of myself this way. Committed and Loyal. It’s one thing I am. If you are on my list, I will NOT desert you. You are on that list. It’s s short one. Think I will write about this. My list. The people I love and trust and believe they love me. Yes. I will write about this. Still waiting for my lower dose of Levothyroxin. I’m a little buzzed. 32lbs down Bets. I better hit a few balls before the 12th! Looking forward with a grin.


      2. I believe you. I will take all of your extra Levothyroxin. I could use 30 pounds less and I have yet to develop the skill of eating less. Hotel booked, travel map planned,
        Your last post is rich with reflection. I hope you are also talking to your daughters. The conversations with my father carry me through many days.
        See you soon. Now I feel like I have to come up with a trail name.

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