Another Obstacle!


I can’t hike. I can hardly breathe. Shingles. I can’t believe it! The list just gets longer. Maybe it’s just the aging process.

Just another test of my resolve.

No problem. Temporary setback.

Today, I am supposed to play in a fundraiser golf outing for the Mike Pettine Foundation with some high school friends.

Mike Pettine Sr. was my HS Football Coach. Google him if you are interested. His son is the new Defensive Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers.

I didn’t play, my team came in LAST and we won a cruise for 4 on the Delaware River!

The Tribute Banquet that night was pretty great. A big thanks to my friend Betsey. She sat through all that football stuff without complaint! She made the evening and the shingles bearable.

Today, I am feeling like I could do anything! I hurt but my Spirit is soaring! I spoke at an AA meeting last night and a bunch of my friends were there for support. Even Sleeping Beauty!!!

Now that was a Spiritual Treat! Life is good. Painful, but good

All In

4 thoughts on “Another Obstacle!

  1. Ouch! Heal quickly!!! Hopefully, you’re not contagious or your friends from the banquet might also have them now! Feel better soon, Doug! xoxo

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